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Mendips, Liverpool

Mendips, at 251 Menlove Avenue, Liverpool, was donated to the National Trust by Yoko Ono. This is the house in Woolton, Liverpool, where John Lennon lived between the ages of 5 and 23. After the break up of Julia and Freddie Lennon's marriage, John went to live with Julia's sister, Aunt Mimi, at Mendips. John was then brought up at Mendips, along with lodging students who were taken in to help pay for the house and keep up appearances. Aunt Mimi is a rather ferocious figure in many versions of the Beatles' story, snobbish and unloving. But John always acknowledged the importance of the help and stability that Mimi provided for him. Philip Norman, Lennon's biographer, describes a typical scene from Lennon's later childhood. As an art student he had left home to live in student lodgings in Liverpool. Making his dramatic exit from Mendips, John announced that he was going because he didn't like Mimi's cooking. Inevitably the charms of youthful student living in artistic but squalid lodgings faded. When John needed a bath, clean clothes and especially some decent food, he would come back to Mendips.







Garden at Mendips.

Visitors to Mendips will be able to see John's bedroom, and hear some of the music he would have listened to as he sat in there keeping out of Aunt Mimi's way.

Mendips is fascinating in showing the small beginnings of a world wide phenomena. When Aunt Mimi got fed up with the boys making a noise rehearsing in her living room, she would send them off to play their music in a tiny front porch. I stood in the small echoing space of the porch. It struck me how a tiny porch had an echo reminiscent of a big place.

Visits are by scheduled mini bus only, with fourteen places on each tour. Tours run Wednesday to Sunday. It is advisable to pre-book. Tours leave Liverpool's City Centre or Speke Hall in south Liverpool. The tours last for about two hours. No photography is allowed in the house.







Opening Times: Please use contact details below. Advance booking advised as visiting by guided tour only.

Address: Mendips, Woolton, Liverpool L25 7SA

Directions: Click here for an interactive map centred on Mendips.

Access: No special provision is made in the property, or the mini bus. There are two steps to the front door, and stairs to the upper floor. A photograph album tour is available.



information line : 0844 800 4791

booking line: 0151 427 7231






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