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Bede's World and St Paul's Church, Tyne and Wear

Reconstructed farm at Bede's World. This image is copyright free

Northumberland was once the centre of a northern civilisation, sitting on a crucial point of communication between Saxon Europe in the east, and Ireland in the west. An influential tradition of learning grew up in monasteries of this region. The best known of Northumberland's monk scholars of that time is Bede, who lived from around 672AD until 735AD. He was author of Historia Ecclesiastica Anglorum or The Ecclesiastical History of the English People. This is perhaps the first serious attempt to describe English history since the Roman period. Bede wrote from his Christian perspective, using this as a theme to link his history together.

Perhaps a country needs historians to give it an identity; and from this point of view Bede is an important figure in the formation of what would later become England. But historians can equally show the messy truth that lies beneath unifying illusions holding countries together. Bede wasn't really interested in national identity. For someone like Bede it was religion that brought people together rather than nationalism. The pope was the ultimate boss, not a local king.


Bede lived and worked at the monastery of St Peter at Wearmouth, and at the monastery of St Paul's in what is now Jarrow. There is a museum dedicated to Bede, with displays centred around excavations from the site of St Paul's monastery. There is also a recreation of an Anglo Saxon farm.


Opening Times: Please use contact details below.


Address: Bede's World, Church Bank, Jarrow, Tyne & Wear NE32 3DY

Directions: Bede's World is at Jarrow near the south end of the Tyne Tunnel off the A185. It is close to the city of Newcatle upon Tyne. Click here for an interactive map centred on Bede's World.

Access: Wheelchair users can reach every part of the site, except for one of the farm buildings. An electric wheelchair is available to hire. There are adapted toilet facilities. Touch tours are available. Contact Bede's World to discuss your needs.


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